What is Finch Programmatic Advertising?

Finch™ helps automate your Google Adwords campaigns by lowering down the cost while increasing conversions. Indeed, you can get most out of your marketing budget.

Automation has a lot of advantages these days and Programmatic Advertising often described as the future of online advertising. In Google AdWords for example, when accurate data from Analytics is applied, it automates and optimizes your campaign efficiently and effectively.


These are the things Finch Programmatic
Advertising Tool can do.

  • Ecommerce Optimization

    Unprofitable clicks kills growth. Finch™ buy the most profitable clicks at the best prices.

  • Market Expansion

    Finch™ expands your market using technology, automation and research.

  • AdWords Architecture

    Finch™ programmatically structure your data by performance.

  • Lead Quality Improvement

    Finch™ will optimize your AdWords base on your CRM data, turning it to paying customers.

  • Save Time and Effort

    Finch™ will automate endless number of daily tasks, making you more competitive.

  • Better than Agency

    Finch™ is a SaaS+ with Personalized Account Management.

Make your AdWords more profitable today!

Get started with a FREE in-depth analysis of your Google AdWords™ account. It takes less than 60 seconds to sign up, then up to 24 hours to prepare the audit.

Finch™ helps you get better results with your online advertising investment because the Finch™ approach is different.

Finch™ has a fully automated solution that outperforms manual efforts and other bidding tools through a unique campagin structure and advance algorithms

On average, Finch™ customers see an improvement of 111% more conversions and a cost savings of 32% per conversion. Finch's customers tell us about the huge amount of time savings they get by using Finch. Its business terms are simple - no upfront fees and no long-term contract. You pay only performace-based fees.

You maybe skeptical about bidding optimization. There are many solutions in the market that simply do not deliver pedictable results. Finch is different. Finch have over 200 clients ranging from small companies to global brands who benefit everyday as we help them be more competitive and profitable. Finch is a game changer for your online advertising.

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