Importance of Online Marketing

For many years, internet is a major source of information. People mostly search information over the internet. Here are the reason why businesses should do online marketing:

  • Customers can find your business quick and easy
  • Your business will gain credibility
  • Increase your overall sales via online store
  • Run your business 24/7
  • Market your products across the globe and many more

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We help businesses of different industries to take advantage of online marketing. Our team's knowledge and skills will allow you improve and grow your business. Let's take a look what are the things we do to accomplish this.

Google Adwords and Analytics

Google's PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertisement is a proven method in attracting visitors to your website. Used by large corporations worldwide, Google Adwords is indeed a very effective tool in online marketing.

Finch Programmatic Advertising

  • Cost
  • Conversion

Save and increase conversion up to 58%+

Google Adwords' PPC is very effective form of advertising, if done right. Online marketers might wasting a lot of money and don't even know about it.

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Finch eliminate uneccesary cost by up to 68%+ while driving more conversions to your website.

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Social Media Marketing

There are lots of customers in Facebook or LinkedIn that can't find you. Our team is willing to help you take advantage the power of Social Networks. There are many platforms available out there, but not all are ideal for every business. Thus, we help our clients by:

  • Choose the best ideal platforms
  • Build your brand's reputation to users
  • Increase social engagement
  • Run Social Media Campaigns
  • Integrate your website to your Social Media Accounts

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Everyone, including you, wants to be on the first page result of any search engine, but not everyone deserves to be there.

Google uses algorithm that determine which website should be in the first page. This algorithm can also make your website outrank in the search result.

We understand and follow Google's Search algorithm, making our website visible in first page results. We worked in different industries from hospitality to real estate and there were significant changes in their website traffic.

SEO Sample Result

According to Mark, his aunt opened a small hotel last 2013, competing hundreds of bigger and international hotels around the city.

He then started playing on it and now harvesting results in website traffic, engagement and online bookings. Who says small businesses won't dominate the search results?

Things we can't promise

You want your website be on top in certain keywords. Yes it's possible but not in all keywords you want. Why? SEO does not work that way. Major search engines such as Google shows results based on what's the best for the user. Our team, whatever what level of expertise we have can't just rank for whatever keywords the client wants.

Before we accept a challenge from a client, we first analyze the nature of the business or product to see if it's feasible or not. Otherwise there will be no assurance that your website will rank in first page result.

Generally, we can improve your website's visibility in search engines and increase your website's traffic.

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We make sure that everything is in the highest level of design accuracy and user experience.

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